October 02, 2014

The 4th Osaka Marathon 2014

In October 26th when leaves begin to turn red or yellow, one of largest scale city marathons will be held.

During marathon run of 42.195 kilometers, you can see several best spots of Osaka. Course starts from Osaka castle and then go through Dotombori area, Nakanoshima public hall, Kyocera dome, Tsutenkaku tower and so on. Most of all, Midosuji would be the best spot since at this season it changes to golden avenue by gingko leaves.This is absolutely beautiful.
The course is relatively even road with only 30 meters difference in height, a new record may be expected.


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October 01, 2014

第4回 大阪マラソン 2014



September 26, 2014

Autumn Fruit Pick up experience 2014

You can experience picking up Autumn food such as grape, apple pear, chestnut and so on in farms. It would be the perfect season from now. Do not miss it!


Tondabayashi-shi nogyo koen Savor farm ( Tondabayashi Osaka)

Not only picking, but also you can experience sweet potato daifuku( Japanese confectonary), pottery making in this farm park. It is full of sweet smell of grape, orange or other fruit. You can taste as much as you want there while picking


* Grape picking ( until end of September): adult 900yen child 500yen, (to enter the farm, adult 700yen, child (over 4yrs) 300yen. All you can eat with gift.

Kanko noen Nanrakuen (Sakai Osaka)

You can pick grape, apple pear, orange or seasonal fruit in 118800 square meter large farm. Chemical is not used as much as it is possible, fertilizer is organic, so that you can enjoy all-you-can-eat experience fully with no anxious.

Apple pear picking up experience (until end of September) : adult 1000yen child 800yen toddler:600yen all-you-can-eat

Grape picking up experience ( until end of September) : adult 1000yen child 800yen, toddler 600yen all-you-can-eat

Sweet potato picking experience (September to end of October) : 2 roots 500yen


Kashihara-shi Budo center (kashihara Osaka)

Approximate 80,000 people visit there. You can taste many kinds of grape such as  dalaware, muscat, berry A. You can buy some home, so that you can share large, sweet and nice grapes with your family and friends.


Grape pick up (until October): adult 1,100 yen, child 800 yen, preschool age 600 yen.

* Fee can be changed depends on grape. All you can eat, but not take back home.


Nakamasa-en (Osaka Mino)

You can experience shiitake mushroom, sweet potato, and chestnut pick up in full of nature in Mino. Set menu of siitake mushroom BBQ with chestnut pick up must be more than 4 people and 3 days notice. You can eat tick and fresh shiitake mushroom and fresh vegetable.


Chestnut pick up ( 12th Sep to 3rd Nov) : more than 3yrs old 1,400 yen. Including 1kg chestnut to bring home.  It must be more than 4 people and reservation is required during weekday.

Sweet potato pick up ( first half of the month): more than 3rys old 300yen. 3 roots 700 yen to take back home. Only weekend. Reservation is not accepted.


Kobe Frit flower park (Kita-ku Kobe Hyogo)

This is a theme park which has European taste. From mid August to end of October, you can eat various fruit as much as you want such as grape, apple pear, apple and some more fruit. It also has amusement park and spa, whole family can enjoy all day long.


Grape pick up (until early September) adult 1,000yen, child 600yen. 1 kg 1200yen to take back home. It will end when they all run out.

Apple pear pick up (until early September) adult 1,000yen, child 600yen. 1kg 650yen to take back home. It will end when they all run out.

Apple pick up (end of September to end of October) adult 1,000yen, child 400yen. 1kg 600yen to take back home. It will end when they all run out.


Aguri park Ryuo (Ryuo Shiga)

“look, pick eat” is the theme of this sightseeing style agricultural park. It has ground golf, petting zoo, Omi beef QQB terrace, and other facilities. You can enjoy taste of autumn of grape, persimmon, sweet potate.


Grape pick up (until end of September) adult 1,000yen, child 900yen, toddler 600yen.

Apple pear pick up ( until mid October)) adult 1,100 yen, child 900yen, toddler 600yen.

Sweet potato pick up ( until early November) 5 roots 1,000yen(1 root 2,3 potatos).

Persimmon pick up ( early November to early December) adult 1000yen, child 800yen, toddler 500yen. Including some to take back home (adult 3, child 2, toddler1)


Arita Kyoho village ( Arita Wakayama)

This is the largest scale of sightseeing style farm in Kansai area. From end of august to end of September, many kind of grape such as kyoho is harvested. It has large rest place with roof and you can pick up on rainy day too, you can enjoy the experience without worrying about weather.


Grape pick up ( until end of September) adult (more than 7th grade) 1,200yen 1st to 6th grade 1,000yen, more than 4yrs till preschool age 500yen. All you can eat (1hour). What you picked up can sell 90yen/ 100g.


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September 25, 2014


 富田林市農業公園 サバーファーム[大阪・富田林]


●ぶどう狩り(〜9月下旬):大人900円、小人500円(別途入園料大人700円、小人(4歳以上)300円が必要) ※食べ放題、おみやげ付き
 観光農園 南楽園[大阪・堺市]


●梨狩り(〜9月下旬):大人1,000円、小人800円、幼児600円 ※食べ放題
●ぶどう狩り(〜9月中旬):大人1,000円、小人800円、幼児600円 ※食べ放題


●ぶどう狩り(〜10月中旬):大人1,100円、子供800円、園児600円(品種により料金は異なる) ※食べ放題、持ち帰り不可


●栗拾い(9月12日〜11月3日):3歳以上1,400円 ※栗約1kgのおみやげ付き、平日は4人以上の利用で要予約
●サツマイモ堀り(10月上旬〜10月中旬):3歳以上300円 ※おみやげは3株1口で700円 平日の入園不可、予約不可、なくなり次第終了


●ぶどう狩り(〜9月上旬):大人1,000円、小人600円 ※おみやげ1kg1,200円、なくなり次第終了
●梨狩り(〜9月上旬):大人1,000円、小人600円 ※おみやげ1kg650円、なくなり次第終了
●リンゴ狩り(9月下旬〜10月下旬):大人600円、小人400円 ※おみやげ1kg600円、なくなり次第終了


●柿狩り:(11月上旬〜12月中旬):大人1,000円、小人800円、幼児500円 ※おみやげ付き(大人3個、小人2個、幼児1個)
 有田巨峰村 [和歌山県・有田]


●ぶどう狩り(〜9月下旬):大人(中学生以上)1,200円、小人(小学生以上)1,000円、幼児(4歳以上)500円 ※食べ放題(1時間、園内で用意されたブドウ食べ放題)、収穫したブドウは100g90円で買い取り

September 20, 2014

Autumn leaf color 2014

One of best spot in Kyoto. Especially, Cherry blossom(April) and red maple leaves are stunning tourists. Every second Sunday of November, “Arashiyama Momiji Maturi (Arashiyama Maple leaves festival) is held above Togetsu-kyo bridge, showing a part of dynasty. Middle of November until early December is the best time.

Kiyomizudera temple
Brilliant red of maple is blended in to landscape with main temple which is national treasure. Especially view of backward is beautiful. From 11th of November until 14th of December are special days to enter at night. Night viewing of illuminated trees is excellent.  Middle of November until early December is the best time.

Kodaiji temple

It is built for mourning Hideyoshi Toyotomi who is the most famous warrior in Japanese history by Nene who is his wife. Utilize the view of mountains and trees makes maple leaves more impressive. Illuminated trees are held on 21st October until 4th of December. Late October until early December is the best time.

Minoh Park2.7 kilometers of walking pass from Hankyu Minoh station till Minoh waterfall is called “taki michi(waterfall pass)”, whole pass is turned to be red by maple leaves in this season. Combination of stream and red leaves shows us different atmosphere. Minoh waterfall changes scenery season to season and each season is unique. Especially in this season, sound of falling down water echoes in clear sky which is surrounded by burning red maple leaves is stunning us. Middle of November until December is the best time.

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September 19, 2014










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Weather in Osaka

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